Competitve Swimming

When I first started swimming my favorite stroke was backstroke, as I was on my back and I didn't require to hold my breath. As I improved, I learned to hold my breath for longer periods of time and I eventually steered away from backstroke. When I first learnt how to swim butterfly, I was young and it was much of a struggle, but slowly over the years my butterfly improved. Now my two focus strokes are freestyle and butterfly, with butterfly being my best stroke. My best event is the 200 fly, where I most recently placed 5th at the Ontario Youth Junior Championships, in my age division.


When I was put into my first gymnastics class at the age of 4, I was terrified. All the big bars, trampolines and mats scared me. Over the years, I would watch my sister go to the gym and slowly I became interested. When I was 7 I was put back into a gymnastics class and i loved it. I continued to practice and learn skills until age 12. Although I never went on to do gymnastics competitively, it is still a sport that I enjoy to do in my freetime. Doing gymnastics definetly taught me about bravery and commitment. No matter how hard the skils would get, or how scared I was to attempt a skill, I persevered and I eventually accomplished the skill. There is something about succesfully completing a skill that brings me much joy and satisfaction. Gymnastics is a sport that I will love to do and I will continue to do it when the time comes.